Flying Full Length Mirror-Cathy 65x23.6

$139.99 USD $149.99 USD
Color: White

Product Description

Flying as a well-known mirror manufacturer has a professional Research and Development Department. Ordinary mirrors by exquisite workmanship achieve excellent quality. Our mission is to make a beautiful and practical mirror for consumers.

Smooth Edges


The border frame can protect the mirror effectively,The mirror with the explosion-proof membrane can prevent the glass from falling even if the mirror is impacted by an external force.

HD Imaging


Flying mirror was made of high-quality float glass which can provide super HD imaging, beautiful, natural, and no distortion.

Easy Installation


Our products can be placed directly on the ground. Providing you a safe and quick installation experience

Clean Back with U Nail


Our products are not only focused on the mirror material, but also on the back. No matter the front or back of the mirror, it gives you a feeling of comfort and neatness.

Exquisite Workmanship

The material

Float glass through polishing, precision coating, and double-layer back paint, exquisite workmanship creates a real imaging mirror.


Size 65x23.6in
Thickness 3mm
Color White/Black
Frame Material PS
Installation Method Hangable

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I have been price watching for a long time and once black Friday came this was the first purchase I was looking forward to. Honestly, I was very nervous about the shipment and it being broken once I opened it but it was the total opposite. The way the packaging was so secure they did a perfect job in protecting the glass and definitely secured the packaging well. Thanks for that. It is sturdy and the stand was already connected. It came with extra bits if I wanted to mount it. The front frame itself is thin which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted more mirror,s not a thick frame to cut into me that defeats the purpose of having a mirror this size. It's very easy to transport from my room or to the living room if I'm having a little get together and want the space to look more open. All around I absolutely love this mirror and so happy that I took a chance.

Makeda Ferraro
Love this mirror!

I really appreciated how it was packaged so that the mirror wouldn’t arrive damaged during transit. The mirror is sleek and simple and is a great value.

Great Large Mirror!

I ordered this mirror despite reading terrible reviews. I was so worried it would come cracked but it’s perfect!! I was impressed with the packaging. When it came to my house there was a wooden frame around it and multiple layers of styrofoam. It seemed well protected to me.

I wanted a BIG mirror and I’m satisfied with this. It definitely large enough to show your whole outfit and it looks really cute in my room 💓

Ya BOi
Big mirror!

Big mirror, just had a baby and it really helps to see a full image of yourself while healing. Definitely worth the money!

Try your luck?

Not sure if I just got lucky but this is hands down the best purchase I’ve made all year. I constantly am complimented on it. It’s large. It’s not super heavy. It’s a good decorative piece and conversation starter. Most importantly it’s a good mirror. I do think maybe it makes me look a bit smaller but pretty sure it’s the angle of the mirror, which is movable. I ordered this a while ago and thankful I did because the black mirror is sold out now.